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Hours of Operation

Office & Materials Yard:
Summer Hours
Monday-Friday: 7:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

Recycling Center:
Closed for the season

Asphalt in Bloomington, Normal and Central Illinois

At McLean County Asphalt, we offer complete job design starting from the layout to the actual construction, excavation, aggregate base preparation, and finally the installation of asphalt paving.
McLean County Asphalt handles both commercial and residential installation and maintenance of asphalt, and all our work is done according to strict specifications.

Free Estimates on Asphalt Paving, Sealing and Blacktop Repair (residential & commercial)

We are fully equipped to do any saw cut removal and replacement, oil and paving fabric, and any additional maintenance work of asphalt pavement including seal coating, hot crack filler, and parking lot striping.


By owning our asphalt plant we can ensure the proper mix for your job and maintain quality from start to finish. Our asphalt plant is fully state approved in Illinois.

We also provide road oiling for dust control and oil and chip surfacing.

Asphalt Faq

Q:   What does asphalt cost per square foot to install?

A:     Unfortunately no two driveways are the same. Keeping this in mind pricing depends highly on the job conditions. If you have any questions or need a free estimate call us at (309) 827-4811.

Q:   Can you overlay old asphalt or concrete?
A:     Yes overlaying is an option on these surfaces depending on pre-existing conditions.

Q:   How often should I seal coat my asphalt pavement?

A:     Sealing your drive (asphalt) should be done within the first year or two after it has been put down. This adds life to the asphalt surface. Sealing should then be done every two to three years.

Q:   How thick is asphalt usually installed?

A:     On a residential drive we would recommend 2″ of asphalt over 6″ of compacted aggregate base. On moderate traffic areas such as a parking lot we recommend 3″ of asphalt over 8″ of compacted aggregate base. Thickness can be increased to match any traffic loads.

Unique Paving Materials/Cold Mix

We make UPM cold mix at our Yuton plant to specifications of Unique Paving Materials to ensure integrity of the product. A summer and winter mix is made to help your work efforts in any season. It can be picked up at either our W. Washington St. or Yuton locations; a truck scale is available at both locations. We will also deliver in bulk and if the job demands our crews can install it for you. (UPM Cold Patch is a high performance, permanent patch that will dramatically reduce labor – equipment costs and is state approved.)

Permaloc Asphalt Edging

The edging itself is installed on top of the aggregate base or on existing asphalt prior to paving allowing for a clean finished look.

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